ChipStore Pi shield is a plug-in GPIO module designed to enable technical and non-technical users to kick-start ideas and turn them into reality. It regulates the GPIO logic voltage for Raspberry Pi and other brands pi boards.

It allows seamless connection with multiple devices/sensors that interface with GPIOs enabling the user to quickly bring innovative ideas into reality.


What challenge does it solve?

Currently the most ARM computer boards with GPIO header pins support 3.3V logic levels and can damage ARM computer board if connected directly to 5V levels. The ChipStore Pi Shield solves this challenge.

ChipStore Pi Shield regulates logic voltage, so when sensors communicate with the board they operate properly. This will ultimately reduce the risk of damaging the boards due to over voltage, making projects more stable and reliable.


How it makes easy to work with sensors?

It eliminates confusing procedure of connecting breadboards with ICs, resistors and other components together to get the sensors to work properly. Our simple design leads to rapid project development as sensors connect directly to the shield.

What sensors does it support?

ChipStore Pi Shield can be used with multiple brands development boards like Raspberry Pi, Banana Pi, Odroid, Orange Pi, etc. It comes with output connectors with which you can directly connect sensors, relays, LEDs, a dedicated port for 3.3v I²C interface (two wire interface) sensors, an integrated stepper motor shield (support for 2 motors) and a 40-pin header to stack other device shields.


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